Identity Verification

Searching the U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) through E-verify confirms that the SSN belongs to the applicant, and that they aren't using another person's SSN. Global passport verifications can be performed for applicants who don’t have a U.S. SSN or in other countries of the world. We can also verify government-issued identification cards in many non-U.S. countries.

County Civil Search

We are able to perform county civil searches for any applicant. The results of county civil searches can be anything from  lawsuits, paternity, small claims, evictions and any other case that result in legal action without criminal activities.

Federal Civil & Bankruptcy Search

Federal civil cases deal with the constitutionality of a law, treaties with the U.S., cases involving ambassadors and public ministers, disputes between two or more states, bankruptcy, and/or habeas corpus issues. The bankruptcy federal civil search is the most commonly used search, typically used when hiring someone who will be handling finances.