Employment Credit Report

An employment credit history report offers valuable insight into an applicant's sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations weigh strongly when hiring for financial organizations, retail companies or for positions of fiscal responsibility. A good credit check is also an important consideration for property owners performing tenant screening. We have partnered with Transunion for accurate and quality credit reports.

Motor Vehicle Report

It is important to check any employee or applicant's driving record who may be driving a company vehicle, chauffeuring, entertaining clients or operating machinery. Our Motor Vehicle report includes the following:
  • License type and class
  • Restrictions
  • Expiration date
  • Endorsements (if applicable)
  • Suspensions or revocations
  • Violations/Tickets
  • Accidents
  • DUIs

Employment Verification

53% of applicant's will falsify information on their resumes or applications. For whatever reason, an applicant may falsify their employment history, whether through exaggeration or fabrication about previous experience. HireHonest connects with the employers listed on a resume, whether current or past, to verify all information on the applicant's resume or application.

Education Verification

Unfortunately, inflating education credentials is a common practice. HireHonest offers education verification services that confirm dates of attendance, course or study, degree or credential received and the date the degree or credential was awarded. This may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees.

Reference Checks

Our team is trained to go beyond vague and subjective references to perform truly insightful reference checks through interviews with candidates’ former supervisors, former co-workers and/or their friends. Professional reference checks round out the employment verification process.

Adverse Action

HireHonest has streamlined the pre-adverse and adverse action process for organizations by building automated compliance tools, allowing HireHonest to remove this worry from your to-do list. We have reduced the time and complexity required to comply with the FCRA guidelines. We have minimized the paperwork and have custom documentation to assist with this potentially daunting task.

O.I.G. & S.A.M.

By searching the Office of Inspector General (O.I.G.) and the System for Award Management (S.A.M.) it allows us to search if an individual is no longer allowed to work in a hospital setting. This is best utilized for any possible applicants that may be working in a health care environment.